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Siblings and top real estate duo, Joanne Renna Douglas and Alfred Renna, bring readers along on an engaging and often hilarious journey into the world of New York real estate. An accounting that is more exposé than how-to, Negotiating New York will have you glued to the page from start to finish, as you delve into the outrageous antics and adventures these two (along with sisters Donna and Rosemary) share as they travel from New York to Italy to the Hamptons, and start all over again. 


Douglas and Renna have become a force in the real estate scene, finding the potential in each property and in each client they encounter along the way. Readers experience all the laughter, losses, additions, family politics, and plenty of crazy deals as the siblings navigate their way across the varied landscape of high-powered real estate to come out on top in this highly competitive industry.


With calculated accounts of their most successful, and some unsuccessful, endeavors, the Renna family will unveil secrets of the trade, including: 

-  Spotting the quirks and tactics of realtors 
- Jumping through hoops to make yourself and your dog more attractive to even the toughest co-op boards 
- The race from open house to offer, and bidding tooth and nail 
- And, the agony and ecstasy of renovating your home 


The heartwarming stories and knowledge of this family will pull you in while the charming prose of Douglas will make you want to become an official Renna family member.

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